Activities on Caye Caulker Island in Belize

Bikes are available for guests complementary use. 

The best swimming spot on the island is at the split where you can bask in the clear, warm Caribbean water. You may also swim or relax around our swimming pool. Caye Caulker Condos is located just steps from the split at the north end of the island. Our rooftop pool deck and the white sand beach in front of our resort are ideal locations to enjoy sunbathing or swinging in the hammocks in the tropical sunshine and sea breeze.

Walking on the beach is another favorite way to pass the time on the island. The white sand, crystal clear, blue and green water, the sea breeze and the laid back lifestyle of the locals make going for a walk a pleasurable and memorable experience. Arrangements can be made right at the front office for you to experience some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Sailing, diving, kayaking, windsurfing, bird watching, jungle tours and eco-tourism are other activities available; all at a reasonable cost.

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Tuna from Caye Caulker Island in Belize

Fishing Around Caye Caulker Island

Whether you are after bonefish and tarpon in the flats and eelgrass, or billfish, wahoo and mahi on the reef and in the blue, Belize can provide you with all the action that your heart desires. The rivers and sea of Belize are teeming with options. All you need do is wet your line and wait. From permit in the rivers to the myriad variety of snapper in the reef and mangrove, you will not believe the rich assortment of fishes awaiting you.

To see that Kingfish flying through the air while your reel screams out to you is to know the purest fishing pleasure. From your base at Caye Caulker Condos, you can enjoy all the angling possibilities that Belize has to offer.

There are plenty of charters available from Caye Caulker to whatever scenario you desire. All you need to do is ask. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because in the flats and rivers you may cross paths with manatees and many beautiful birds, and you will definitely want proof of that big one that didn’t get away.

Diving in Belize

SCUBA diving around Caye Caulker Island, BelizeNo matter whether you are a seasoned pro or freshly certified, Belize can offer an underwater experience like few places in the world.

Just a few miles from Caye Caulker you will find the world renowned Hol Chan Reserve. In Hol Chan resides a veritable showcase of tropical fish. Huge groupers, snappers and jacks all the way down to wrasses and little gobies the quantities, sizes and brilliant colors of Hol Chan’s residents are truly impressive. Nearby is the consummate crowd pleaser, Shark-Ray Alley, where you can safely swim and play with sharks and rays.

If you are into something a bit more adventurous try a wall dive on Belize’s barrier reef, the world’s second largest. Night dives bring a whole new suite of animals and experiences for the curious at heart.

Belize also boasts a world famous blue hole, one of the country’s most popular dive sites. All of these exciting dives are waiting for you at Caye Caulker. All you need to do is stop in at any of the many dive shops on the caye, and you will be on your way. Of course, we like to think that the best way to stay on Caye Caulker is with us, Caye Caulker Condos.

Snorkeling off Caye Caulker Island, BelizeSnorkeling

If SCUBA is not your thing, don’t worry. The seas of Belize still have plenty to offer you. Snorkeling around the mangroves of Caye Caulker’s “split”, a short walk from Caye Caulker Condos, is a longtime favorite. In the eelgrass around the caye, you may find many juvenile fishes, conch, and the odd lobster or crab. Shark-Ray Alley is the exclusive domain of the snorkeler, being in only about 8 feet of water.

What you really need to know is that most of the life in the sea is in the water nearest the surface, and almost any coral head will have some interesting fish and invertebrate communities around it. So almost any time you can grab a mask and hit the water, something cool awaits. It’s a whole new world under the Belizean sea, and all you have to do is look.